Eilu; The Father of All

Eilu (Eel-ooh) was the creator of existence and sustains the world by his power.

“In the beginning was Eilu and in the light of His countenance the world was and was known…”

Eilu created many Astral (heavenly) and Elemental beings to join him in filling and ruling the existence he had created. First, Eilu spoke and created matter and then divided it into four parts and gave the parts names, Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These were the four kings of the elements and from their beings Eilu created the seen realm. When the world was formed, Land, Sea and sky, Eilu breathed over His new creation and it became a living world, a breathing world. Through Eilu’s breath, a primal spirit was born. The new world now had life and Eilu loved His world very much. Eilu then sang seven songs over the new world and these songs were the Seven Princes of the Ether, Might, Freedom, Wisdom, Order, Justice, Truth and Compassion, through whom Eilu created the unseen realm.

The Dawn War

One of the Astral being, named Lulac, Chief bard in the court of Eilu was one of the first being ever created. Jealous of the attention the new world was getting from Eilu. Lulac tricked the Elemental kings into rebelling against Eilu. The Elemental Kings gathered all of their minions and sang Eilu’s Seven Songs backwards causing the Seven princes to split in two. There were now Seven Princes of Good and Seven of Evil. Eilu and the Seven Princes of Good won the battle and cast the Elemental kings into depths of what would be known as the elemental chaos. Yet, their songs are still heard to this day through the pain and suffering of mortals. As time has elapsed many creatures have been deformed and distorted by the songs. Both sides created messengers and servants to spread and enforce their tenets. One of these powerful servants are the dragons, noblest, yet of fiercest all creatures.

The Elemental kings still long to esacpe and take of control “their” world.

Lulac was found out and was cast from the Astral Sea of Glass to the Abyss deep beneath the elemental chaos.

Kings of the Elements

Mine’Ar, King of Fire

Darvo, King of Earth

Halna, King of Air

Valto, King of Water

Princes of the Ether


The Seven songs of Opposition.



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