A dwarven hold cut from the rock of a deep vale in the Dawnforge Mountains, Hammerfast is the largest and wealthiest town in the region. The Trade Road runs through the citadel gates and continues eastward beyond the Dawnforge Mountains.

Hammerfast elevation

Hammerfast 2

Points of Interest

1. Ramp, Drawbridge, Great Gate, and Moat
The 60-foot wide drawbridge spans a 200-foot deep moat. The massive walls of Hammerfast are 90 feet tall and 20 feet thick.

2. Grand Plaza
The dwarves of Hammerfast gather here to listen to proclamations from the Merchant Guild.

3. Banker’s Guild Hall
Several financial services are available here including money-changing, lending, and storage within the great vault.

4. Bazaar and Foreign Quarter
Most non-dwarven visitors to Hammerfast stay and conduct their business here. Most of the Non-Dwarven residents of Hammerfast live here.

5. Militia Barracks
Home to the Defenders of Hammerfast under the leadership of Captain Ragnar Two-Fingers.

6. Merchant Guild Hall
The most powerful guild in Hammerfast, controls all trade through the Great Gate and levies taxes and fees on all goods that pass through Hammerfast. The current leader of the Merchant’s Guild is Marsinda Goldspinner.

7. Forge of the Dawn
The primary temple in Hammerfast, carved directly out of the stone of the mountains. Its most prominent feature is a large anvil, which is the main altar of the temple. The temple is currently led by Hilgrid Silvervein, High Priestess of Eilu.

8. Hall of Fallen Heroes
Statues of the great defenders of Hammerfast. The more recent statues are of powerful merchants and politicians with less statues of warriors or blacksmiths.

9. The Water-Works
Water collected in cistern below is used to power the factory machines.

10. The Academy of Science
The university teaches advanced metallurgy, chemistry, engineering, alchemy, mechanics, etc.

11. The Academy of Finance
This place of higher learning concentrates on the “softer” sciences of business, finance, magic, theology, etc.

12. Trade Road
A wide ramp leads up the side of the cliff.

13 Trade Road Tunnel
The Trade Road disappears into a tunnel that cuts through the ridge and exits onto the bridge.

14. Worker and Miner housing
Various buildings ranging from bunk houses to individual family compounds.

15. Blacksmith’s Guild Hall
The workers in the Forge meet here to discuss issues of the day. The current leader is Vortigern Cotterpin

16. Forge
A combination forge, smithy, workshop, and factory for everything from weapons, armor, and tools, to complex constructs and heavy machines.

17. Miner’s Guild Hall
The second-most powerful guild in Hammerfast, serving the needs of the vast army of workers that toil in the mines. Currently led by Yanni Undercrag.

18. Smelters
Receives the ore from the mines and turns it into usable metals, which are delivered to the Factory.

19. Mines
Where the mithril, copper, iron, and other ores are extracted from deep in the earth. Many of the mines reach down several miles. Carts on mechanical tracks pull the ore up the ramp to the smelter.

20. Trade Road Bridge
Continues through the Dawnforge Mountains.

21. Merchant Companies
The most prestigious members of the Merchant’s guild maintain offices carved into the base of the cliff.

22. Noble Houses
Residential compounds cut into the cliff-face within which the noble class live.

23. Merchant Houses
Residential compounds cut into the cliff-face within which the merchant class live.

24. Catacombs
The dead are buried in mausoleums built into the older played-out mines.


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