The Southern Crown

The Southern Crown is the dominate human kingdom in the lower section of the continent Pharn

Kingdom of the south

It is ruled by House Vargos from the Capitol city of Ae’almoor.

Once this great nation was ruled by the wise and powerful king, king Ceryel. Ceryel was killed in the stand of Fallcrest against the Juun Horde. Once buried The youngest of his first-born twins, Telev, bright and full of guile rose to take the crown from it rightful heir, his older twin brother, Staun, brave and rash. A civil war broke out among the two factions. This civil war broke the nation into two separate nations that raged against each other for nearly one hundred years. During this time the The Nentir Vale fell into desolation. Both brothers were long dead when yet their rage marched on as their son’s son’s slew each other over the birthright. In time peace was found (at the cost of thousands) through the marriage of both houses into one new house, House Vargos. In the wake of a great storm, a fragile peace rests atop this “new” nation. Still forming and looking to reclaim and expand it’s northern border, House Vargos has a large settlement, Fallcrest in the center of The Nentir Vale. As well as two settlements on the old kings road, Winterhaven in the North-West and Harkenwold in the South-West.

The Southern Crown

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